Whether you answer to your clients or to senior management, cutting costs is increasingly becoming a top priority in litigation. Law firms need to show clients accountability for expenditures from their litigation coffers. Insurance providers need to manage the careful balance of protecting their company while spending no more than is absolutely necessary to do so.

When it comes to reducing your financial outlays during litigation, one of the first opportunities to explore is your current vendor management process. From duplicate (or even triplicate) billings to reimbursement requests that violate the terms of your contract, without the necessary controls in place, law firms and insurance companies can easily lose significant amounts to errors that can – and should – be avoided before checks go out the door. This is where Professional Document Services, Inc.’s invoice auditing services come into play.

Avoid Unnecessary Spend with Professional Document Services, Inc.’s Invoice Auditing Services

At Professional Document Services, Inc., we offer comprehensive litigation invoice auditing services for law firms and insurance companies. Our team of professionals relies on decades of experience in litigation support as well as our proprietary software to identify discrepancies, errors and other issues that too often lead to sunk costs for firms, clients and insurers. We will work quickly to identify gaps in your vendor management and accounts payable processes, and then use our expertise and resources to promptly begin auditing your invoices for issues such as:

  • Billing inaccuracies
  • Billings that violate contract terms
  • Compliance defaults
  • Duplicate and triplicate billings
  • Unnecessary costs (including costs that are duplicated across vendors)

Without a clear, integrated picture of your vendor relationships and litigation expenses, you simply have no way of knowing if (or, more accurately, how much) you are overspending for outside help. At Professional Document Services, Inc., we take the guesswork out of the equation to help you feel confident that you are managing your clients’ or your company’s costs as effectively as possible.

Cost-Effective Invoice Auditing Solutions

Our invoice auditing services are a component of our suite of litigation support services, which are designed to help law firms and insurance companies avoid waste while meeting court deadlines and stakeholders’ expectations as quickly and cost effectively as possible. By using in-house software and leveraging our own vendor relationships, we offer pricing that benefits from a volume-based model and reduced margins. This means that it costs you less to start saving by managing your invoices appropriately.

In today’s competitive and cost-conscious business environment, law firms and insurance companies cannot afford to waste money. To request a quote or learn more about our invoice auditing services, contact us today.

Contact Professional Document Services, Inc. about Litigation Invoice Auditing

With multiple offices throughout California and a nationwide network of trusted affiliates, Professional Document Services, Inc. provides cost-effective invoice auditing solutions for law firms and insurance companies throughout the United States. If you are concerned about vendor billing issues or feel like you could use help managing your litigation expenses, we encourage you to get in touch. To speak with one of our experienced professionals about your needs, contact us online or call 888-362-2679 now.