At Professional Document Services, Inc., we specialize in assisting law firms and insurance companies throughout California and across the country in all aspects of medical records retrieval. Our experienced litigation support professionals make sure you have what you need when you need it, and our highly competitive pricing ensures that you and your clients will be more than satisfied when we exceed your expectations.

Medical Records Subpoena, Authorization and Document Management Services

With our comprehensive medical records retrieval services, we take the entire process – from preparing subpoenas to indexing retrieved records – off your plate. We have been securing and managing medical records for law firms and insurance companies since 1996, and each of our skilled professionals is fully competent in every component of the records retrieval process.

Our medical records retrieval services include:

  • Preparation of Subpoenas and Authorizations – We are experienced in preparing subpoenas and authorizations for state and federal civil cases, workers’ compensation disputes, arbitration matters and personal appearances.
  • Customization of Subpoena Language – Various circumstances may call for customization of subpoena language. When necessary, we can provide full customization to satisfy local requirements and meet your needs.
  • Notice to Opposing Counsel – We can provide timely notice of your medical records requests to the appropriate party (or parties) involved in the litigation.
  • Serving Subpoenas – We can serve or arrange for service of your subpoenas both in California and out of state. With our extensive database, we also can assist you in locating medical facilities, doctors, military installations and government agencies for service.
  • On-Site Record Copying – Our records retrieval specialists can go on-site to scan and copy medical records. With our proprietary software, we can make electronic copies available to your litigation team in a secure, web-based environment.
  • Assembly of Retrieved Records – Our team can assemble retrieved medical records to suit your unique needs and preferences. Tabbing, indexing, Bates stamping and other services are available.
  • Quality Control – At Professional Document Services, Inc., we emphasize accuracy and consistency, and we utilize various quality control metrics and strategies to ensure that our services meet the rigorous standards of the legal, insurance and medical industries.

Focused on Confidentiality, Security and Compliance

At Professional Document Services, Inc., we understand the importance of strictly adhering to the standards of the legal profession, discovery practice and HIPPA compliance. We maintain a constant focus on ensuring that our services meet, if not exceed, law firms’ and insurance companies’ stringent expectations. Our systems, policies and procedures are fully HIPAA compliant, and our staff members follow strict protocols designed to ensure that our clients can confidently place their trust in our medical records retrieval and management solutions.

Contact Us about Your Medical Records Retrieval Needs

For more information about our medical records retrieval services or to request a quote, call 888-362-2679 or contact us online today. A member of our litigation support team will be happy to speak with you about your law firm’s or insurance company’s needs. With multiple locations throughout California and our proprietary software, we are available to request, retrieve and store medical records nationwide.